Cruelty free Covergirl dupes for Revlon Makeup

Cruelty Free Covergirl Dupes for Revlon Makeup

I know most of you have heard the good news that Covergirl is cruelty free now! It feels weird to be writing about Covergirl since I’ve been avoiding them for so long. But now they are legitimately Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free and not selling in China, so this is great news for the cruelty free community. Since Covergirl is back on the good list, I thought I’d share some cruelty free dupes for Revlon makeup (Revlon is NOT cruelty free).

Now, these are not EXACT dupes by any stretch, but they are similar. Basically, if you have to choose between two products, I hope you’ll choose the cruelty free Covergirl option. Or if you have been using Revlon and want to switch to cruelty free drugstore makeup, this might help.

Cruelty free Covergirl dupe for Revlon eyeshadow palette
Cruelty free Covergirl dupe for Revlon eyeshadow palette swatches

Let’s start with a Revlon eyeshadow palette dupe that has a lot of similar shades – not exact, but similar enough. The Covergirl TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette in Sunsets is a nice dupe for the Revlon Enigma 920 palette. As far as quality goes, the Covergirl palette has more fall-out, BUT is much more highly pigmented and easier to blend. I’d pick the Covergirl formula hands down.

And for a bonus dupe – I found the Wet N Wild ColorIcon Rose in the Air palette is pretty similar too. The formula is quite patchy, so not my favorite Wet N Wild product, but it’s half the price of the others, so still one to check out.

Cruelty free Covergirl dupes for Revlon brow pencils and liquid liner
Cruelty free Covergirl dupes for Revlon brow pencils

Okay next up, are some Covergirl dupes for Revlon brow pencils and liquid liners. Covergirl Ultrafine Pencil in Soft Blonde is a pretty close dupe for Revlon Colorstay Brow in Soft Brown. The Revlon shade is just slightly warmer. The Covergirl shades Soft Brown and Rich Brown are good matches for Revlon’s Dark Brown brow pencil.

Cruelty free Covergirl dupe for Revlon liquid eyeliner

If you’re looking for a cruelty free liquid liner, Covergirl has a dupe for that too. The Covergirl Get in Line liquid liner 320 has a super fine, flexible tip that is similar to Revlon Sharp Line. Covergirl’s 350 eyeliner has a slightly wider brush and is waterproof. It makes a great dupe for Revlon Connect the Dots eyeliner. The Revlon liner has more of a round tip, but when I swatched them I found the outcome was pretty much the same. Not pictured, but also check out the Covergirl Perfect Slice Liquid Eyeliner (it has the rolling wheel applicator).

Cruelty free Covergirl Exhibitionist Waterproof Mascara dupe for Revlon Volumazing Mascara

Okay let’s talk cruelty free mascara dupes. The new, waterproof Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara has the same shape wand as Revlon Volumazing waterproof mascara, BUT the Covergirl mascara is not only cruelty free – it’s freaking better in every way. I swear – I’m not just making this up because I want the cruelty free brand to perform better. It just does! The Covergirl Exhibitionist mascara went on without clumping and it covered each lash. The Revlon mascara clumped quite a bit and I couldn’t get it to cover all of the baby lashes without adding more clumps. I wore them both – one on each lower lash. The Revlon mascara flaked under my eyes within an hour or two, while the Covergirl mascara lasted and did not flake at all.

Cruelty free Covergirl dupes for Revlon lipstick
Cruelty free Covergirl dupe swatches for Revlon lipstick

Okay, let’s talk lipstick dupes. Again, these are NOT exact dupes – not at all. The formulas are not remotely the same, but the colors are in the same family. If you want to switch to a cruelty free drugstore brand, these Covergirl options have the same overall vibe. Covergirl Melting Pout Vinyl Vow in “So Lucky” is a bold, cool violet. It’s in the same color family as Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse in “Death Valley” (okay I’ll admit – this one’s a bit of a stretch). Covergirl’s “Caught Up” is a warm strawberry daiquiri-esque shade that is a pretty damn good dupe for Revlon “Sunset.” And if you’re looking for a plummy mauve, Covergirl’s “Kiss, Kiss” is a good dupe for Revlon’s “Spice.”

Got any other great cruelty free drugstore makeup dupes? Please let me know in the comments below.

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